Your cargo comes in all different sizes. This page is designed to help you navigate which way to best move it.

Shipping Container ImageFCLContainer Sizes

FCL (full container load) refers to one or more container(s) booked for transporting your cargo. This service is commonly used when you have enough cargo to fill the whole container making it cost effective. The most standard size equipment for moving cargo is a 20′ and 40′ container.

LCL or Air

LCL (less than container load) allows you to send only a few pallets in a container by combining your cargo with others’. This enables you to send smaller volumes of cargo without paying for a full container.

Similar to LCL is Air. Air is more expensive, but much faster. But unlike LCL the chargeable weight of air is based on the greater of actual weight or volume weight (the cubic inches of the whole cargo, divided by 166).


RoRo (“roll on, roll off”) is specifically for wheeled cargo. If your vehicle is too big for a container, we will have your vehicle driven directly onto the vessel. This is often the case for ambulances or school busses, which usually do not fit in containers.

Project / Breakbulk / Charter

Or, if none of the above work, we can help you find a non-standard solution. This may include barging or even chartering a vessel. As these shipments are almost always non-standard, we’d be happy to talk one-on-one about your specific cargo.