Shortage of truck drivers in US cause challenge in transportation

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Trucking plays a significant role in the supply chain because there is no product on the marketplace that has not been touched by a shipping truck. Given the interdependent relationships required and the significance of the trucker, our industry is experiencing delays with transportation because of  truck shortages and congestion in the United States.

Multiple factors come into play with the truck shortage such as increased operating costs, government regulation, and increased demand to name a few. There are approximately 1.3 million long-haul heavy duty truck drivers as reported by the Office of Occupational Statistics and Employment Projections of the Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, to meet the increasing freight demands, a least another 219,0000 new trucker drivers are needed. The challenge of finding these new drivers has grown in recent years partly because of a rapidly retiring workforce, the lack of competitive wages, and increased government regulation. To qualify as a freight truck driver,  a driver must pass a fingerprint-based criminal background check, pass mandatory training before operating on an interstate, and pay increasing insurance premiums. All of these add barriers of entry for the truck driving industry and ultimately increase trucking rates for shippers.


Missionary Expediters is taking the below actions to help improve the situation:


  • continuing to expand relationships with US trucking organizations
  • utilizing different intermodal trade routes to offer lower rates to shippers
  • leverage our existing service contracts to provide the best intermodal rates to shippers
  • advising shippers of the need for more flexible receiving hours at loading facilities.


We will continue to provide updates to our shippers and provide the most cost effective routes to get your cargo to the final destination.