The Importance of a Compliant Bolt Seal

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Dear Partners,

Hope all of you and yours have been safe and well during these trying times. We are happy to report that we were not affected by Hurricane Laura that just hit Louisiana and Texas. Our thoughts and prayers are with all Americans that have to rebuild their lives in the wake of this storm.

🛳We will continue Keeping Calm and Shipping On. The shipping industry is slowly recovering, and the prices are stable. Let us know how we can help.

Recently, we have been noticing more and more problems at destination ports with containers arriving with a wrong seal, no seal, or a non-compliant seal. In such occasions, there are penalties from multiple sources (steamship line, port authorities, customs officials). Those fees can range from $300 to $3000 including late fees while the situation is mitigated.

We’d like to use this opportunity and remind you of the following:

 The use of ISO compliant High Security Seals (bolt seal) on all full containers is mandatory to prevent pilferage, terrorist devices, and other contraband from entering the global supply chain.

All the letters and digits of the Seal number shall be manifested properly and accurately on any and all documentation.   (UL-123456, not just 123456)

As a best practice, it is recommended Shippers take clear photographs of the following when preparing shipments for transit:

1. Their shipments inside the container before closing the doors.
2. Containers door closed, with the container number clearly visible.
3. A legible close-up of the seal and the seal number before affixing it to the container; and lastly,
4. Seal properly affixed to the right door locking rod or lower right locking rod cam.

Please share this with your warehouse managers and partners’ warehouses. This will keep you cargo protected, and your interests safe from destination penalties.

Thank you so much. Stay safe and well. We look forward to your questions and inquiries.