The Continued Challenges of US Trucking Industry

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Over the past few months, we have seen increased challenges with the United States trucking industry due to the shortage of truck drivers and the increased regulation on the industry. Missionary Expediters would like to share the below industry insights to ensure our shippers are well informed and receive the best service.

Photo credit: Maersk Shipping Line North America. The above regions with red status are facing critical trucker shortage while those with a yellow status are facing deteriorating yet serviceable truck power

Industry Insights:

  • Severe winter weather and snow storms have caused longer transportation times for intermodal trucking
  • Many ports have experienced record highs in container volume and this number has continued to rise
  • A new governmental regulation, the Electronic Logging Mandate, went into effect on December 2018 and has restricted the maximum number of hours truckers are able to drive.
  • The trucking industry is experiencing a shortage in truck drivers due to an aging workforce and a lack of new drivers entering the market.
  • Many truckers are reducing the free time they are able to offer.


To ensure your shipment goes as scheduled, Missionary Expediters would like to make the following recommendations to our shippers:


  • Plan ahead! Be sure to send your requested delivery schedule to our team as soon as you can so we may begin making the necessary arrangements
  • Load / Unload cargo within the allotted free time to avoid extra detention charges
  • Be flexible with warehouse scheduling dates


Please reach out if you have any questions