Missionary Expediters offers a wide range of services under the umbrella of shipping & logistics.



  • Short term or one time projects; non-repetitive shipments.
  • Remote, underdeveloped destinations.
  • Donated, poorly-packed or inventoried cargoes; personal effects.
  • Partnering with people not regularly involved with transportation procedures and terms.
  • Matching your needs with our network and resources.


International Transportation:

In fact, your cargo does not even need to touch USA soil for us to help. We often coordinate with organizations shipping cargo that originates in Europe and Asia into the developing world. Also, missionaries occasionally have the need to relocate overseas before coming home, and we are right here to help.



We offer very competitive insurance rates to protect your cargo from door to door. Contact us to discuss what may be best for you.


Customs Clearance:

We will perform any duty asked of us at the destination. Be very specific with your questions, answers, and needs. We will do whatever we can to make those things happen.



We offer both East Coast and Gulf-South warehousing solutions, so you have the option to deliver for term-storage, or stage/receive cargo in portions.



Have an incoming shipment?  We work with returning missionaries as well as larger commercial clients to import cargo from foreign countries into the US and clear Customs.



We are dedicated to giving you the best value. In partnership with Navigation Network, an NVOCC, we have low-rate service contracts with some of the largest steamship lines in the world, which, in turn, allows us to pass substantial savings on to you.



We can perform all domestic US importation customs clearance at any port in the US. Within the country, we have 2 tractors that we use to make Southeastern US drayage trips ourselves. For trucking outside of the Southeast, we rely on partner companies that we’ve been in relationships with for over 20 years. As a result, our costs and service are excellent.