Keep Calm and Ship On

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Dear Partners,

Many of our clients have asked the same question… can you still ship cargo?  The simple answer is YES.  The transport of people (airlines, borders, etc) is highly restricted – however, we have yet to hear of a single case where goods are being restricted. Right now all ports are open worldwide and all governments have agreed that trade and the flow of materials are necessary. Even local governments have deemed Transportation and Logistics as ‘essential business’.

Vulnerable populations are more at risk now than ever –  so we are proud to have all of our operations and staff working to keep your life-saving cargo in motion.

That said, you should always have your consignee in-country assess their situation locally and let you know what hurdles they may face.  For example – here is a comment we received from Honduras:

For the moment the government said that customs , borders , airports, and ports are open for cargo but in reality, most local transport and customs are only moving items related to food, donations, and medical supplies, also our staff haven’t been able to move accordingly to fulfill our work since we are in quarantine so we have some trouble getting to customs.


While we can still ship cargo like normal – can your consignee get clearance like normal? If they face delays-  these delays lead to penalties. Can your consignee pay the penalties?

These are the questions to ask of your overseas partners.

If you have any further questions – please reach out to your MX project lead. If you do not have a project lead, please feel free to email