Shipping Container


Often referred to as a “20” or “40,” depending on its dimensions, containers have become the standard for any cargo that will fit inside them.

Shipping containers come in lengths of 20 feet, 40 feet, and 45 feet (though the 45′ lengths are rare).

With a 40′ you have the option to get a ‘standard’ or a ‘high cube.’  The high cube is 1 foot higher.  The inside dimensions are 90″ across, and 92″ high (or 102″ if it’s a high cube).

It’s important to remember, especially for personal effects, that when a container is delivered to for you to load your cargo into it, it stays on its chassis which is about 3.5 feet high.  That means if you have heavy items, or a vehicle, you’ll need to make arrangements with a dock.