Coronavirus outbreak hurts the International Supply Chain. How does that affect you?

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Dear Partners,
As always, Missionary Expediters are here to help you navigate through the ever-changing logistics world.
We have all been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak this year – in our personal and business life. The shipping industry has been hurt significantly, due to reduced production in China, and reduced exports.
It started with a few blank sailings (a vessel schedule skipping a week). Then, the availability of empty containers throughout the country started to dry out, making it harder to schedule inland pickups. Now, the US ports started closing terminals 2-3 days of the week due to low volume.
Vessel space is scarce and fills up fast on the existing rotations. Even after you get a confirmed booking, the steamship line may roll you to a next vessel, even if you have an already loaded container on its way to the terminal.
What can you do? Be extra flexible in these difficult times. Send us your planned loads as early as possible, be prepared for last-minute changes.
We, at Missionary Expediters, can’t calm the storm, but we’ll navigate your cargo safely and with utmost care.
Let us know how we can help. Email your regular MX contact, or reach out to
Thank you so much. Be safe!