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Dear Partners,
As we continue to pray for our brothers affected by the tragic explosion in Beirut that occurred on August 4th. We do want to take this time to provide you with the current update provided to us by the various carriers that service this region.
The Port of Beirut had been impacted by the explosion and repairs are ongoing. Currently, computer systems, email, and booking systems continue to function normally. Phone lines were diverted to personal fixed lines or mobiles.

Terminal re-opening

Beirut Container Terminal has now partially reopened to gradually resume operations and the port is connected to inland transportation networks.

Cargo to/from Beirut will be delivered with minimal disruption. We ask for your understanding given that the terminal is not yet fully operational, and given the possibility of congestion and delays in customs clearance at the port.

Feeder services are expected to resume berthing at the terminal, and cargo operations will take place wherever possible within the confines of the current limited capabilities of the terminal.

Please reach out to your project lead with any questions or rates you may need. If you do not have a project lead, please feel free to email